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Barn Quilts Workshop

The meeting was completely dedicated to the program. Jen introduced Suzi Parron, author and promoter of the barn quilts trails across the country. Her introduction to the story of the barn quilts happened quite by chance on a summer vacation trip from Atlanta to Yellowstone in 2008. She became obsessed with photographing as many barn quilts as she could find, ultimately writing two books on the subject of the Barn Quilt Trail and the stories behind the barn quilt blocks.

She found that the original barn quilts were a way to honor the women of the community who made lovely

quilted works of art that were never seen by the public. Putting the painted blocks on the barns put that art out there for all to see! She gave a wonderful presentation showcasing some of the barn quilts and then prepared us for the workshop to follow on Saturday, May 14th at the Senior Center where many of the guild members and others painted our own 2 x 2 barn quilts. Visit our May Photo Gallery to see more photos from our May Meetings!

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